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A great love Love and enchantment
A painter's work Loved in valleys of Hebron
Baroque image Luminous mist of a mermaid
Brazilian Nation  Montes Claros
Breeze and perfume Muse and woman
Brunette flower Our Father
Cause of Love Pimpa
Charm and joy Rejoining psalms
Color of Love Saudade
Dream of dreams Saudades
Dream Transparency Saudades in time and space 
Dream Trip Search for Beauty 
Emerald charm Smiles
Enchanted eyes Spring Summer
Experiences - Infinitude Tender dream
Feeling Love  Tender Dream, Perpetual Dream
Fifteen years old The Portuguese Language
Good day lived The Song of Birds
Happiness This moment is ours
Hope grows To Love
I adore Your Beauty Tranquil dew
I’m happy with you Wild Horizons
In style of Salomon You
Infinite Infinitude You are with me
Jesus came Your beautiful eyes 
Joy Your Enchantment
Life in plenitude Your kiss, my darling
Light Of God You're my shepherd 
Little golden fish